Kongres - indlæg af Miriam Kolko

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Denne videokonference rummer blandt andet to foredrag af Miriam Kolko:
Link: https://www.newconceptsinglaucoma.com/congress/

Date: Thursday October 1, 2020
Mitochondria and glaucomatous neurodegeneration

Date: Saturday October 3, 2020
Therapeutic effects of Niacin and other nutritional remedies

The program is scheduled for four afternoons (approx. 13.00-18.30 CEST) filled with nearly 50 presentations, followed by Q&A sessions and panel discussions. Each day has its own theme:

October 1: The Science of Glaucoma and Molecular Pathophysiology
October 2: The Science of Intraocular Pressure
October 3: Medications & Lasers in Glaucoma
October 4: Glaucoma Surgery

All content will be recorded and made available through our website after the meeting.
Link: https://www.newconceptsinglaucoma.com/congress/
Foredrag kommer på kongressens hjemmeside.
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